Meter Reading

STEP 1   It is the customers responsibility to keep the area around the water meter mowed and weed free.  If the area is mowed around and kept weed free this will make access to your water meter readily available. If any part of the water meter or meter box is damaged you will be billed for that damage. 

STEP 2   Our meters are read using a radio read sytem. This eliminates misreads or estimated readings. We use hundred gallon registers, which means we only read the hundreds digit.

STEP 3   We typically read around the last week of the month. Therefore our billing runs a month behind, billing you for the amount of water you used for the previous month.

 In the case of non-payment, the meter will be turned off and a reconnection fee of $25.00 will be charged.

If the meter is shut off for non-payment and is turned back on by someone other than Hwy 71 Water personnel a tampering fee will be added to the account of $100.00. 

Sorry, our field personnell is not able to take money in the field. Payment must be made in the office.

The wires in the meter box only transmit information about your water usage to our computer for meter reading and billing. You will be charged if you cut the wires on the transmitter or damage the meter in any way.